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God still performs Miracles

I am usually a skeptic when people talk about miracles. I do believe in them. Anyhow God moved in an  amazing way. I have posted my daughters miracle. God moves! 

My Miracle (:

by Ashley Rawls on Wednesday, January 26, 2011 at 6:27pm

For those of you who don’t know, on December 10th we were playing our biggest rival, Yorktown. I subbed into the game early in the first quarter and made it two or three times down the floor, but on the fourth time I had a terrible accident. I went to drive hard down the lane, planted my right foot hard as a defender stopped my drive, and when I turned to kick out to the opposite corner my knee went but my foot didn’t. I heard (and felt) a loud pop as my knee hit the ground. When I tried to stand back up, I put pressure on my right foot and I felt my kneecap start to shake violently on its own inside my leg. I was shocked, but didn’t want to cry on the court. The official stopped the game and trainers came running on to the court. My teammate, Sam, carried me off the court along with the trainer who took me to his office. Misty (Delta’s trainer), Kevin (Yorktown’s trainer), and a few student trainers all examined me. Misty said, “Did you hear a pop?” I nodded. “You’re gonna need to go to Central Indiana Orthopedics to get this checked out, but don’t be surprised if he says it’s a torn ACL.” I started bawling at this point. I knew that meant I wouldn’t be able to play anymore, let alone run track. That part sucked the most for me.

I went the following Monday to see Dr. Hunt at CIO. When we got there, the lady at the front desk informed us that our insurance company had been dropped and that I would have to go to the ER instead…. who would simply send us back to CIO. In other words, I wasn’t going to be seen. My mom mentioned that Misty had called ahead and told Dr. Hunt I would be coming in. She called back and Dr. Hunt said that he wanted to see me. He then examined me, told me that my ACL was indeed torn and that a MRI would be needed to determine things about my meniscus. I cried some more. We asked him about how we were supposed to pay for our visit since it wasn’t covered on our insurance, and he said he would take care of it. (Miracle #1!)

I went in for my MRI on January 6th. The results came soon after, and it was determined that I had torn my ACL, sprained my MCL, and torn my meniscus. A consultation was set up to meet with Dr. Matchett who would be performing the surgery that was required. When we met with Dr. Matchett, we asked him again about our insurance. He said that I may have to be sent over to the hospital for my surgery instead of CIO, which he commented “Doesn’t run like a well-olied machine.” which of course made me a little nervous. Dr. Matchett went to go check on the surgery and came back 45 minutes later after calling our insurance companies, the hospital, and talking with other important people, and informed us that they were going to be able to perform my surgery at CIO! (Miracle #2)

For the next month, I recovered, and in the days leading up to surgery, I was able to run, jump, dance.. most everything. So many of you prayed for me and I was just so thankful for those prayers. I was nervous when the nurse called a week before surgery telling me that I would need anesthetics, a nerve blocker, and a catheter. They told me that this was no simple surgery, because they would basically be reconstructing most of my knee. I was so comforted by all the prayers, cards, calls, texts, the prayer blanket etc. that I got from all of my friends and family. It really comforted me, and by surgery day, I wasn’t even scared.

I went in this morning around 7 and Randy was there to meet me which was really nice and comforting as well. The nurse called me back and hooked me up to an IV, I met the anesthesiologist and Dr. Matchett again, and told me they were going to put me out so I should say bye. I just remember talking to my mom about my first grade class at Royerton and the cute cards they made me. He said, “You should start feeling very sleeping in 30 seconds or so.” That’s all I remember. I was out!

I woke up and remember looking at the clock… It was only 10:30? They had said I may not be awake until close to eleven. I looked over and my mom kept trying to tell me this nonsense that my ACL was not torn anymore. And I thought… well duh, they just cut open my whole knee to fix it. I kept asking her how my ACL was okay, and she said the surgeon walked in the waiting room only an hour after he had started and had asked my parents, “Do you believe in miracles?” When they said yes, and he replied, “Well, good because that’s the only way I can explain this.” He told them that when he went in, my ACL was COMPLETELY healed. He said he has never seen anything like it in all of his years of performing ACL surgeries.. which he’s been around for awhile. All of the graphs, MRI, and all tests showed that I had definitely torn my ACL. Just looking at the pictures from my MRI, you could tell that it was completely gone. Not a single doubt. Just a quick anatomy lesson: The Anterior Crucial Ligament is physically uncapable of healing on its own. It is literally impossible… outside God that is. I guess after coming off the medicine I asked like a thousand times how that was possible, and my mom just kept saying it was a God thing… it was so amazing. (MIRACLE #3)

Because he only went in to repair my meniscus, I have 3 small incisions instead of one long one. Also, the recovery time will be 6-8 weeks instead of 4-6 months, which means I can run trackkk!!! No catheter, no ice machine, no motion machine, and the pain is a billion times less than an ACL surgery(: (Miracle #4)

I’m just so overwhelmed by God right now. He is so good. I don’t know why I’m still so shocked by this. A lot of times, I’ll pray and pray and pray for a miracle, but in my mind I don’t have much faith because I am also a very realistically logical person. God blew me away. It was torn a month ago – clearly – from the MRI and all of the pictures, there was no doubt. And now it is completely healed?! God beat Dr. Matchett to it I guess(:

So thank you everyone for all of your prayers. God has done something BIG and I’m so glad I got to be apart of it. I know that God has bigger plans for me in my life. ❤



  andy wrote @


  Nii wrote @

Indeed, our God is a miracle working God. When He mesmerises even the medical professionals like this, then it makes it more amusing. I trust that this will encourage somebody like it has done to me . May thanksgiving continue to be sung to His name.


  sreeram wrote @

am going to see my ortho tomorrow.
got the MRI done last week. the findings are torn MRI and few other issues. no other ligament torn but some minor issues.
am devasted. surgery scares me.
i am hoping for a miracle

  Jennifer wrote @

I knew this was possible!!!My daughter just went through a similar injury. The Dr. Says it’s a clear acl tear.I believe God can and will restore her knee. Thank you for sharing this.

  Char wrote @

I need the same miracle and even if in the end I have to have surgery, I know that the same God who healed you will be with me no matter what because I will always believe in the God that heals and restores people back to full and complete health. Thanks for your story. I have a lot of hope too. 🙂

  Maria wrote @

Ashley your story was so inspiring! I am going in to get surgery on my torn ACL and meniscus on Monday, and have been surrounded by prayer and prayers of healing. I have faith God can heal me too, but would you pray for me as well? Thank you for sharing, your miraculous story gave me goosebumps!

  Ashley wrote @

Maria, yes I would gladly pray for you!

  Matt stone wrote @

I am in the exact boat as you. I was playing in an all star dunk contest and i tore my ACL and both of my miniscuses. I have surgery in a week from today, but by his stripes I am healed. I just cant wait to see the reactions of non believers when i tell them the truth of why my ACL was miraculously healed

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