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The Spiritual answer to the Health issue: Ownership

It is no secret, Americans are unhealthy.  Just look around you people are getting wider and sicker by the day.  Shows like the Biggest Loser” are a hit because Americans are trying to find answers to many of their healthy issues.  For the longest time I have believed that when it came to health it was really a matter of luck.  Some people were lucky and had no health problems and others were unlucky and had all kinds of health problems.   We have believed that diseases pick and chose people at random.  Spiritually speaking their are very few voices who seem to believe that health and diet are related to the spiritual.  We believe that God created a healthy World but once the fall came we basically had no more instructions on how to live our lives.  Sadly I believe we have done ourselves a disservice in the church by believing that God has nothing to say about health.   Not too long ago I believed this as well.  I believed that my health really had nothing to do with God.  But the more I try to understand God I have come to the realization that God is concerned about my health.  Matter of fact I believe that many of the health problems we face today are a result of not understanding one word.  Ownership.  Let me see if I can simplify this by sharing my personal journey.

3 years ago I had a little health crisis in my life.  I weighed nearly 355 lbs.  By all definitions I was obese.  I have nobody but myself to blame.  My eating was out of control.   To deal with my health problems I began to put myself on a diet.  I wanted to lose the weight so I could get in shape.  But the problem that haunted me was what was I going to do different this time that I had not done in the past.  I have tried many diets and have lost weight only to gain back the weight that I had lost.  Knowing that I needed help beyond myself I turned to God.  Oh it was not immediate nor deliberate turn but I kept seeking him more and more on this issue.   During this time God began to reveal something to me that I realized that was missing in my life.   I had been dieting for all the wrong reasons in the past.  Matter of fact when I looked at why I wanted to lose weight in the first place I realized how selfish my intention were and how they had nothing to do with God.  Why did I want to lose weight?  Well I could say that it was to be healthy, but that was still a selfish motive.  It was all about me.  What God revealed to me was something which we do not hear from many churches, if their are churches at all sharing this message.   So what has God shared with me.  It is that word:  Ownership

When I was 21 years of age I surrendered my life to Jesus.  I told him that my life was His.  He was my master.  Now some 23 years later I realized that I surrendered a lot of areas in my life but I did not give all to Him.  I still had ownership over my body.  Oh I knew that having sex outside of marriage defiled his temple but what about my health.  Did this have anything to do with God’s temple?  Here is the realization that I came to.  For many years I lost weight for me.  I wanted to be healthy, I wanted to look good, I wanted to be in shape, I wanted to do all these things for me.   But I never asked the question of what do you want for me God?  You see if my body really is God’s than I should be healthy not for me but because God wants a temple that is fit and shape to carry on his work.  Oh I know that we are in a fallen world and that our bodies will break down but many of us including myself are destroying God’s temple well before it would naturally break down. Ultimately we should do everything not for ourselves but for God.  If He is the true owner than I lose the weight not for my benefit but how it will benefit the kingdom.   Imagine if Christians decide to make God the owner of their bodies when it comes to their physical health,  this would make a major impact in the World.   Many health problems that are related to obesity would disappear.   Even those not related to Obesity would change because we would eat better and exercise more and live healthier and the whole time giving credit to the one who owned us.  Jesus.

I am certain that many of my readers are already objecting and thinking about all the freedom that we have in God’s grace to live like we want.  Well first and formost God’s grace does not allow us to live like we want.  It certainly covers our sins but God’s desire is for us to commit everything to Him.  Our health is part of everything.  God calls us to live disciplined lives.  When we are obedienent to Him God bestows blessings on us.  I am certain that if we give ownership of our health to God we will see a healthier and more vibrant church.  I would love to hear from you on this issue.  Let me hear your thoughts.  Thanks



  JoAnna wrote @

Amen. However, I think the idea of ownership applies not only to our bodies, but to the planet and all living creatures. And if so, this affects our food sources as well (which in turn makes a huge difference in our health). Please see westonaprice.org for a more detailed discussion on this topic. Thank you.

  runningwild77 wrote @

JoAnna, certainly God owns the Earth as well and Just as we must be good stewards of our bodies we must take care of the earth for His glory.

  Charlotte Thompson wrote @

Very well put….. Ownership ……. much can be said about Ownership because we would rather not be responsible for our own health.
We want the doctor or someone else to be responsible for our health… Really , to be healthy we must claim ..Ownership!

  runningwild77 wrote @

Very well put Charlotte. Hopefully more and more people will begin to see their bodies as something God has given them to be a blessing to the World.

  Cynthia Spencer-Clark wrote @


These are great thoughts for all of us to ponder. As you have stated, many times we Christians disregard what we put into our bodies in the way of food and drink and then wonder why we don’t feel well.

It is a daily surrendering of our bodies, minds and souls; we must take it only one day at a time for that is all we have anyway.

Thank you for sharing your journey and spreading the necessary truths that will lead us to having a better life here on earth!

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