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Facebook Christianity

Do you remember the days when you called a business and actually talked to someone instead of a recording?  I can still remember them vividly.  Oh what a joy to be able to actually talk to a live person.  Oh I know I am getting old and bucking against the advancement of society.  I suppose my kids will do the same at some point when they get older and begin to scoff at the latest inventions.  Anyhow they have to wait because it is my time to speak.

I am always blown away by how we continue to advance in communication and ways in which we communicate.  Think about e-mail and it’s ability to communicate and send information all around the World in a matter of seconds, it is amazing.  When I first started using e-mail my first thought was how this could be a blessing to missionaries in sending and receiving information.  Of course we have advanced well beyond email now.  We can instant message and even facebook with old friends that we have not spoken to in years.

I suppose this is where I want to begin.  As much as I am amazed by our advancements within technology and especially in the area of communication, I am finding that our communication even though it is more it has actually become less.  No longer do we sit down to talk to someone in person.  We might IM them or send them a e-mail to save ourselves some time, but personal touch has disappeared.  I find it funny that many times we will not say a word to people at church but will bare our soul to the world wide web.  I understand the reasoning  behind this.  It is very easy to hide behind a keyboard.  But I believe that “facebook Christianity”  is really damaging to us spiritually.

In a day and age where the World seems more and more disoriented and broken the one thing we do not need is the ability to hide.  Now hopefully you hear me.  I am not opposed to such things as facebook or blogging or the Internet in general.  Actually I am excited about them.  Yet I am convinced that as a church we must have personal contact to make an impact for the Lord.  People do not need a recording of how to find Jesus they need to see Jesus in us.  Ministry will only be effective as we place our touch on people’s lives.  As I once told a friend, “please call me when you want to talk rather than e-mail.”

Just as pornography is a cheap imitation of the real thing that God has meant for good, I believe that our new ways of communication can be cheap imitations for something that can be a whole lot better.  Next time you have something important to say to someone let me encourage you to call them rather than e-mail or even better yet go and share a cup of coffee with them.   If your concern is time just think of how much time you would save by not sending them all that forwarded garbage you send.  And anyways doesn’t it say a lot more when someone cares enough to actually speak to you in person.  Yes the World is advancing.  And I am sure that automated voices will solve many of our problems, but oh how I yearn to hear a real voice from time to time.



  Michie DeBerry wrote @

Wow. This was a really convicting post to me. Thank you for posting it.

  Barry Zimmerman wrote @

That met absolutely nothing to me. I’ll email you about it later.

  runningwild77 wrote @

Thanks Barry for the personal touch!

  francis a akaki wrote @

iam pastor francis akaki and icame from kenya and iam looking for some to prasy with for ministry work and God to open amissionaries for my ministry here in kenya.
ihope the lord will sepeark to and the rest who are willing to pray with me us ipray for them.
your faithfuly srevasnt in christ .
pastor francis obae

  michelle wrote @

very informative blog. i was searching to find out how many times gluttony was mentioned in the Bible and ran across it. You said everything i have been saying ALL along. We get on our soap box about homosexuality and other stuff but what about the other things that are tearing out families and ultimately our country apart like money and gluttony? Thanks for your honesty, transparency and your blog.

  runningwild77 wrote @


Thank you for your comments. I find that we are destroying ourselves in so many ways. I only pray that many will see how gluttony has ruined a lot of lives and begin to take biblical ownership of the bodies God has given us

  Jimmy wrote @

Great work. Its true facebook and others are just a strategy satan is using to bring confusion into peoples lives. Help me find out, should believers be on facebook??. I am Jimmy, born again.

  Ryunosuke wrote @

That is very true, speaking as a Youth leader in my church, I find that kids are way more talkative online and on the phone messaging than in the actual Youth meetings. I was hoping to teach them on this topic tomorrow and your blog came up in my search. Thank you for your views and opinions =) God bless

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