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The Battle Within: Lord I need your Help


I see the sin that is all around me.  I can call it by name, I can identify it for what it is.   I see it clearly in others.  I even judge them for their wicked lifestyles.   I wonder why in the World would they continue to do the very things which are destroying them.  I holler form the pulpit,  I teach from the classroom and yet they do not listen.  Why do they continue to be drawn to a life which will lead to destruction.  Why would anyone play with the viper that will kill them.  Lord why would I want to play with the venom of this World.  As I look to others I realize that it is not them that needs fixed it is me.  Lord I thought that the older that I got the more years I spent with you it would seem easier.   I figured my sin would disappear or at least it would fade to the back.   But it stands right in front of me.  It is like a roadblock that I cannot move.  It haunts me down.  It slowly sucks the life out of me.  And I know this.  I know how destructive it is.  Why have taught many great lessons on its nature.  But why Lord am I so drawn by it?  Why do I drink the cup which kills the soul.  It is not like I don’t know.  I do know.  And I run full tilt towards it.  I bathe in its misery knowing full well.

Lord I am sick.  I am in need of the great physician.  I do not want to play games anymore.  I need you desperately.  The more I draw closer to you the more the evil ones fights for space in my life.  Lord I will not give up, I will not give in.  Each time I fall Lord pick me up.  I am sorry for I not only hurt myself I hurt you.  Lord cleanse my thoughts.  Change my actions.  Lord God I need you.  Today is the day of salvation.  Today is the day which I need your cleansing.  Today is the day I need your forgiveness.  Change my judgemental heart.  Move in a mighty way.  Lord you have defeated Satan at the cross.  He has no power except the power I continue to grant him.  May I grant him no longer.  May I shut the door on him.  May I call to the only one who truly loves me.

I will praise the Lord Jesus Christ because He truly knows my pains.  I will praise Him because He is the only one that can heal me.  The gods of this World glitter with a poison that only comes to destroy me.  Praise to you Lord for you come to give life and have come to give it abundantly.  Lord thank you for lifting up out of my filth.  Praise to you Lord Jesus for you know my heart better than I do.  Today I will declare his praises.  Today I will let the whole World know that you reign.  Praise the Lord and again I will praise Him.  Praise him for there is no condemnation for the one who has put his trust in the Lord.  Yes I have fallen time after time but you lift me up time after time.  Thank you Lord.  Thank you.



  keijo wrote @

Thank you and can you pray for me and my sorryful fight against my enemies ,that get victory in Christ soon,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

  yettie wrote @

thank You Lord for the won battle, of a truth the devil doesnt have any power but just tricks, schemes wiles,Eph6:11. thank God for my accomodation, for where God has prepared for me even though i cant see it now, though it seems the landlord will throw my things out before saturday, i know my God has made a way.

  Ken Blake wrote @

Father, I thank you for your ever present ear to listen for my distress. I am eternally grateful my answers you have given me. My faith and strength begins with you. Thank you in Jesus Name!!!

  steve clark wrote @

Truly i was blessed by the pastor,we can never solve a problem unless we know we have one, please continue to pray that my eyes will be open to recieve the vision that GOD has given me

  Aaron Jonasi wrote @

Thank for my life and grace and your love.I am what I am because of your Grace.Show me the correct path to move so that I move in your desired direction and path.

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